The sci-fi future of medicine: clones and robots

cloning-DNA-N1201P15007CBy Mark K. Campbell

Remember The Six Million Dollar Man?

“We can rebuild him,” said the intro about severely injured test pilot Steve Austin.

That has proven to be more than true since the run of the 1974-78 TV show.

Today, the things the medical profession can do dwarf the concepts of The Six Million Dollar Man (who would surely be worth more in today’s dollars).

As more and more of the building blocks of the human body become revealed, the ability of doctors and experts to change/repair/replace most of a human being grow.

Steve Austin couldn’t dream of things like genome sequencing, nanotechnology, microelectronics, metabolic characterization and microfluids.

But that’s the future of medicine.

How about having an implant in your body that monitors your every pulse and breath? When things go wrong, a signal is sent to professionals who can prepare for any emergency procedure as you are en route to a medical facility.

The study of genomes and DNA might lead to the discovery of cures of a multitude of diseases, including cancer.

Growing organs is not too distant. The Wall Street Journal reported on a nine-year-old girl who grew half a heart biologically. Other methods might include cloning organs from your own cells.

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