Senior Spotlight 12-4-13

by Darlene Holmes
You couldn’t have asked for better weather for the Thanksgiving holiday!
This week was our No SCS meal day on Tuesday. We had stew and cornbread we fixed.
Friday Dec. 6 is food bank day, but the weather may shut us down again.
Our monthly birthday and anniversary party will be Wednesday, Dec. 11 and we’ll have cake and ice cream.
Hope and Johnny and their band will be here to play for us again.

Come on up about 10:30 a.m. and hear them; they are great! They enjoy playing for the seniors and we’re so glad they come.
We play tables games most mornings until lunch time, but most of the seniors stay over there and listen to the band.
We do stay after lunch on Thursdays and play chicken foot. It’s lots of fun – come have lunch and play with us!
We got all the Thanksgiving and fall decorations down and will start getting the Christmas decorations up. We like to decorate the B.J. Clark Building for the community.
Come by and check us out soon, if you’ve not been here yet. I’ve talked to several new folks who are planning on coming.
We order meals the day before and serve at noon Monday through Friday.
Ya’ll come!