Senior Spotlight

by Darlene Holmes
The weather has been so nice and the park has been full of young folks and families playing at the new disc golf course the city put in Ask Creek Park recently.
I’ve spoken with some of them and they say it’s the best one around.
The model airplane folks have been frequenting our park also. They have some pretty good-sized planes they’re flying.

It’s nice to watch.
Sometimes we’ll take a coffee break and sit out on the deck and watch awhile.
Azle has some pretty parks around here and the one behind the library is especially nice and used by a lot of folks, young and old.
Our birthday and anniversary party was this week and Friday is Produce Day.
Our AARP Senior Driving class will be Thursday, Nov. 21 and then there will not be another one until the third Thursday in January – Jan. 16, 2014.
Wow! Where has the year gone? It sure is going by quickly!
If you’ve not been in to check us out, drop by sometime. You’ll be glad you did. You may even recognize a face or two.
We meet Monday through Friday in the B.J. Clark Community Center and Annex. Some days we are in the Emanuel Building also for classes, etc.
Our meals are reserved the day before and served at noon Monday through Friday. Our meals are nutritionally balanced and pretty good.
Stop by and pick up a monthly calendar of activities and the menu for the month is on the back side.
You have a choice of drink with your meal – orange juice, skim milk, buttermilk or 2 percent milk. You’ll tell Betty at the desk which one you prefer.
There’s a drink machine in the B.J. Clark building and water fountain and we have decaf coffee daily.
Our annual Thanksgiving dinner will be Friday, Nov. 22. But the deadline to order is Nov. 14. We have about 72 signed up so far.
We have table games daily of various kinds. Yoga classes on Mondays and Wednesday in the Emanuel building. Chair and Yoga classes in the Emanuel building on Tuesday and Thursday.
We have a monthly birthday party on the second Wednesday of each month for any of our seniors who have either or both. We have cake and ice cream after lunch.
Hope and Johnny will be here to play music for us on that day. They are very good and we really enjoy having them.
Some of our folks staff after lunch on Thursdays to play chicken foot dominoes. It’s a colored dot domino game that’s lots of fun and easy to learn.
We have a group of seniors who play bridge here on Friday mornings and they need more players.
We have Food Bank Day and Produce Day twice a month for those who qualify. You must eat four meals here at the Senior Center to qualify for each program.
Mainly, we gather each day for food, fun and fellowship.
So come on down and meet the Lunch Bunch – they’re GREAT!
You’ll be glad you did.