Senior Spotlight

This has been a busy week for the seniors. We’re wrapping up the end of October and Friday is November 1 and also Food Bank Day.

We’ve been renewing everyone’s paperwork beginning Oct. 1. We’ve also been getting some new people in and they seem to really be enjoying it.

I’ll let you know all about our hot dogs and chili lunch of Oct. 29 next week.

It’s also our Halloween party and several of the seniors are looking forward to dressing up in something different for the occasion.

We have all mourned the loss of one of our dearest seniors recently – Larry Lanier, our Center council president.

I knew Larry and his wife Sue were very active in the community and their church and as I learned of all the other things they had been involved with throughout our community, I was in absolute awe that he was able to give so much of himself to us. He will be missed greatly by all of us.

Sue is getting back to us as soon as she is able; we’ve missed her greatly, also.

We have had lots of new folks who have been taking up the slack and have been lots of good support. They are eager to help keep our programs going.

It takes lots of thinking and working together daily to keep all this good stuff going on here.

Thanks for everyone’s blessings and good help. You’re all great!