God came near

Jerry-Lewis-mugDo you ever think of a witty and clever response about 30 minutes too late? Do you envy those quick-witted folks who seem to have a response without having to think about it?  Favorite son has always been one of those.

When he was a young teenager, we were in a restaurant waiting for the waitperson (note the politically correct, non-gender-specific terminology) to take our order. My boy was constantly jabbering – but in such a low volume that the cacophony of voices and rattle of dishes in the restaurant made it difficult to understand.  Mrs. Sweetie finally asked, “What did you say?”  “Oh, I was just talking to myself,” he replied. She responded, “Well, are you answering yourself?” Without a moment’s hesitation he demonstrated that we were in the presence of wit-greatness. “No,” he said, “I’m not feeling very talkative tonight.” At this point I contributed to the conversation with guffaws and snorts. It reminded me a little bit of the hand-lettered message favorite daughter once had on her bedroom door – “I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but you appear unarmed.”


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