News wins 5 awards in competition


At the Texas Press Association’s annual newspaper contest, the News earned five awards, most for photography.
Carla Noah Stutsman took four of the six pictures that peers honored at a TPA state gathering in Houston June 22.
Competition focused on journalism from 2012.
Stutsman took second in “Feature Photo” with two photographs – one of band director Shawn Murphy silhouetted while conducting during a football game in the Sept. 6 issue and a war veteran being hugged by a cheerleader from the Nov. 15 News.

Judges from the Arkansas Press Association noted “two nice photographs that captured readers’ attention…nice moments.”
A pair of Stutsman’s “News Photos” took third in that category. Her winning shots were of a fire in the March 22 issue and a vehicle accident from Nov. 29.
Mark K. Campbell had two sports photos finish runner-up – one of a leaping soccer goalie on Jan. 19 and the other a football shot from Nov. 1. Judges lauded their “peak action and composition.”
Campbell finished third in column writing for his “funny, sharp wit.”
The News’ other honor was a fourth place in advertising.
The winning photos can be see online at

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