Lights fading out at Liberty Lighthouse

by mark k. campbell
A major source of safety and security for women and children of the area is closing its doors – at least temporarily.
Liberty Lighthouse Women & Children’s Shelter, located in Springtown, said in a news release dated May 28 that the facility will “temporarily suspend services.”
The Lighthouse ministry began in May of 2008 to aid homeless women and children and those in abusive relationships. Then, the group offered food and clothes as well as utility help and counseling services.
In December 2009, the shelter was opened.
This May, the Board of Directors voted to suspend its services.
“The lack of volunteers, funds, and overall support from the community all factor into this difficult decision,” the release noted.
A local church owns the house Liberty is located in so the office and shelter will remain intact, but inactive.
There is still hope that the Lighthouse can survive.
The Board is soliciting suggestions at on how to save the organization.
“The need for services provided by Liberty is overwhelming in the area,” it was noted.
There are few shelters in the area and they are usually full.
A recent decision by two nearby shelters to not allow children further restricts outlets.
The Board is “stepping away from day-to-day operations and allow God to work.”
The website – – will still be periodically updated.
“Liberty’s services have brought hope to women who were at a complete loss as to where to go for a new start in life,” the release stated. “Please don’t give up on Liberty or stop praying for the ministry and shelter.”
In July, a re-evaluation of the situation will be made: “The directors of Liberty’s board are open to what God sends them.”
Meanwhile the “daily calls” the shelter receives from those needing help will go unanswered – at least for now.