Oberg prevails in ‘Bay

by Carla Noah Stutsman
In a rehash of the May 11 election for Place 4 on the Pelican Bay city council held Saturday, June 15, at the city hall, incumbent Glen Oberg has retained his seat.
In the original election, Oberg and his challenger Tish Allen each received 54 votes.
According to state law, four options exist in such a case.
First, each candidate had the choice to withdraw from the race, but neither Oberg nor Allen did that.
The second option is for the tied candidates to cast lots, but neither liked that choice, either.
Failing the first two options, the third option – a recount – was ordered, which confirmed the original 54-54 tie.
The fourth and final option was to hold a special election.
According to city secretary Terri Anthony, official results of the special election – which cost the city of Pelican Bay an estimated $10,000 – show Oberg with 77 votes defeating Allen, who garnered 63 votes.