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Joshua Long of Azle lets his disc fly at the Ash Creek Disc Golf Course Tuesday morning, April 9.

Ash Creek Disc Golf Course opens

With no advertising campaign save a notice on the City of Azle web page, a post on The Azle News Facebook page, and word of mouth, a new disc golf course that opened last week at Ash Creek Park is already the talk of the town.

The disc golf craze is growing in popularity, so when the Azle Parks Board proposed the creation of a course to the city council in 2012, the plan was approved.

The sport is basically played just like the game of golf – except it’s accomplished with Frisbee-like “discs,” thrown from a tee-box, with the objective being to get the disc into a raised, chained “green.”

Specialized discs can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, and while they differ from the trademark Frisbee because they are weighted and made of a special rubber material, they do resemble the perpetually popular Wham-O discs from decades back.

The Ash Creek course is not only free to participants, but it has been built at a tiny cost to Azle taxpayers, as well.

According to Kyle Culwell, Azle’s parks director, the city only had to purchase some fixtures and equipment to build the course. The total cost was $15,000, Culwell said, coming $7.000 under budget.

The work was accomplished by city staff and employees and a few volunteers.

The Weatherford Disc Golf Club assisted with the design and helped with installation, as well.

“It’s an 18-hole course, and all the holes are par 3,” Culwell said. Each hole consists of a concrete tee, and a “green.”

“We’ve added a picnic table, some garbage cans and we’re waiting for several steel, powder-coated benches to arrive [soon],” Culwell continued. “We plan on adding more garbage cans, and we’re working on a bridge over the canal which will be finished soon.”

On a mild but humid and very windy Tuesday morning, three groups were playing the course.

Chris Squyres and Joshua Long were actively covering the course and stopped to express their excitement over having a good course to play right in Azle.

They noted the lack of trash and credited disc golfers on the course for picking up after themselves.

Both carried duffel-style bags loaded with discs, water bottles, and towels.

Culwell said even with no formal announcement or opening, as many as 20 vehicles at a time were noted in the parking lot over the past weekend as families and groups played the course.

“Monday morning, all the garbage cans were full, which was proof there were a lot of people here playing the course over the weekend,” Culwell said. “It also tells us a couple of other things – disc golfers are good about picking up after themselves, and we’ll need more garbage cans as play increases.”

As for maintenance, Culwell noted Ash Creek Park in its entirety is already mowed by city personnel, although the course is now being mowed a little deeper into the natural wooded areas for easier access.

“Because the park is located in a flood plain, we can’t schedule sporting events or practices because we can’t manage the weather – the property is basically unusable,” Culwell said. “But disc golf provides families with the opportunity to come to a course built around a natural area and get some exercise and just have a little fun.”

Ash Creek Park is located at 605 Southeast Parkway, north of the Azle Municipal Building.

The new course offers 18-holes with a par of 54. The first hole is located at the north end of the parking lot near the course map.

Ash Creek Disc Golf Course offers easier holes for beginners, as well as more challenging holes for the experienced.

The course meanders along the tree-lined creek of the park making it easy to locate each hole.

The tee pads are concrete with informational signs placed at each tee box.