Despite spotty losses, sales tax revenues continue slow rebound

Cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts across Texas are set to receive their May local sales tax allocations from Texas Comptroller Susan Combs.
According to Combs, state sales tax revenue in April was $2.15 billion, up 3.9 percent compared to April 2012.
“Sales tax collections were up in a range of sectors from construction and manufacturing to restaurants,” Combs said. “As expected, the rate of growth in state sales tax revenue is moderating compared to double-digit growth rates we recently experienced.”
Local sales tax allocations for May total $668.5 million, up 5.6 percent compared to May 2012.
The sales tax figures represent monthly sales made in March as well as January, February and March sales by businesses that report tax quarterly.
The city of Springtown’s May check will be $79,459, up 2.46 percent from its May 2012 check for $77,545. However, the city’s year-to-date numbers remain down by 5.75 percent at $368,978 compared with $391,489 through May 2012.
There’s better news in Azle. The city’s May allocations are $212,017, 4.14 percent more than May 2012, when it received $203,581. To date this year, the city is up 2.46 percent with $889,625 compared with 2012 year-to-date totals of $868,256.
Azle’s Crime Control and Prevention District will receive $37,663 in May – 3.68 percent more than its May 2012 check for $36,323. The district is also up 3.34 percent in its year-to-date totals, with $165,474 collected so far this year, compared with $160,114 collected during the same time period in 2012.
Pelican Bay bested its May 2012 check of $1,873 by 3.70 percent with a May 2013 payment of $1,943. But the city has collected $7,760 so far this calendar year compared with 2012 year-to-date total of $10,726 – a substantial 27.65 percent drop.
The town of Lakeside is trying to rally with a May check for $7,674, just 1.91 percent less than its May 2012 allocation of $7,824. But year-to-date totals are at $32,608, a 13.51 percent deficit when compared with 2012 revenue of $37,702 for the same period.
Sanctuary’s allocation for May is down 8.11 percent from $1,355 in May 2012 to $1,245. Year-to-date revenue is also down by 14.50 percent from $6,339 in 2012 to $5,420.
The city of Reno’s May allocation dropped 10.59 percent from $8,234 in May 2012 to $7,361. Despite that hit, the city’s year-to-date collections are up 2.48 percent from $31,765 in 2012 to $32,555.
Parker County’s sales tax allocation for May is $612,338, down 1.40 percent from its May 2012 check for $621,035. The county’s year-to-date collections of $2.744.573 are down 3.88 percent from May 2012 collections of $2,855,523.
In Tarrant County, the top five sales tax-generating cities – Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Grapevine and Mansfield – saw increases ranging from 0.25 percent to 7.92 percent in the May checks compared with May 2012. The same cities also saw rises across the board in their year-to-date totals, from 1.65 percent to 11.75 percent.
Tarrant County-wide, sales tax revenues are up for May by 4.06 percent and by 5.91 percent year-to-date.
In Parker County, despite some hefty setbacks that put the average May check down 1.26 percent when compared with May 2012, year-to-date averages are still 1.47 percent above 2012 collections.
Statewide, the average city received allocations in May that are 4.93 percent higher than May 2012. The statewide year-to-date allocations for cities is up 5.91 percent over 2012.
For details of May sales tax allocations to individual cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose districts, locate the Monthly Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports on the Comptroller’s Web site at